Friday, February 08, 2013


Nothing But a Lout

Charles d'Orléans (1394-1465), Rondel 333 (tr. R.N. Currey):
Winter, you're nothing but a lout.
Summer is polite and gentle;
Only look how May and April
Accompany him day in, day out.
See how fields and woods and flowers
Wear his livery of verdure
And of many other colours
According to the rule of Nature;
But, Winter, you are all filled out
With snow and sleet and wind and drizzle;
It's time we sent you into exile;
I never flatter, but speak out;
Winter, you're nothing but a lout.

Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain,
Esté est plaisant et gentil,
En tesmoing de May et d'Avril,
Qui l'acompaignent soir et main.
Esté revest champs, bois et fleurs,
De sa livrée de verdure
Et de maintes autres couleurs,
Par l'ordonnance de Nature.
Mais vous, Yver, trop estes plain
De neige, vent, pluye et grezil;
On vous deüst banir en exil.
Sans point flatter, je parle plain,
Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain!

George Henry Durrie (1820-1863),
Winter in the Country: A Cold Morning

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