Monday, June 12, 2006


Odium Philologicum

Chris Weimer at Thoughts on Antiquity, in a post on Elitism, Dilettantism, and Hypocrisy, summarizes a recent biblioblogontroversy. Here are the main events:
  1. James D. Tabor writes a book entitled Jesus Dynasty.
  2. Michael Turton writes a negative review of Tabor's book.
  3. Jim West attacks Turton as a dilettante unqualified to review Tabor's work.
  4. Turton deletes his review, apologizes to Tabor, and shuts down his own blog.
  5. Various other bloggers weigh in.
I have nothing to add to my earlier remarks on academic credentials. But I recently read some sensible comments on the subject by Michael Drout, in a post entitled Who is Really a Scholar, which bear repeating:
And it is important that we in academia continually remind ourselves that it is the work not the credential or the institution that really matters.

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