Saturday, July 03, 2004


Heather and Don

Heather and Don Whelan, of Toronto, Ontario, discuss their feelings about the United States of America over breakfast at McDonald's:
"Exactly," said Heather. "The scariest part for me about him [Conservative Party candidate Stephen Harper] is that he wanted to cosy up to the Americans. Can you believe it? The bloody Americans. I hate the Americans."

What do you hate about them?

"They're warmongers," said Don. "They're out to take over the world. They remind me of the Germans in World War II."

"They're not our best friends, they're our worst enemies," said Heather. "You can't trust them. I wish we had some other country as our neighbour, not those bullies. They're ignorant. They don't know anything about any other country. They'd just love to take us over if they could."
This is a real interview, not a caricature. Read more in this column by Earl McRae. Sentiments like these (and they are widespread among Canadians) don't exactly make me eager to go spend my tourist dollars north of the border.

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